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Obsolescence Management

eComp/ChipSeeker, through our strategic partnership with Eltek, is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to counter component obsolescence problems. By combining our core competencies we can offer all of the key elements needed to deliver a complete obsolescence management service:

Silicon sourcing
- Direct from the original source
- Worldwide search for alternative silicon sources
- Re-manufacture from specialist wafer fabs.

Die bank storage
- Controlled and secure N≤ environment
- Cost effective solution for long term demand
- Re-screening / re-qualification not required
- Flexibility over LTB where multiple specs are required

- Industry-standard or custom packaging designs
- Assembly and test to original manufacturers spec.
- Re-screening of product
- Up-screening of non-hermetic product

- Functional replacement
- Form fit and function replacement

- Flexible foundry
- IC Design

Extending the Life of Your Legacy Systems!

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Obsolete Semiconductors

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