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Eltek Semiconductors

Eltek procures and processes semiconductor components in wafer, die and packaged form. These allow us to solve many customer sourcing problems and add value to their own marketing and manufacturing processes.

Eltek is committed to maintaining all Quality Standards appropriate to the microelectronics industry and, at the time of writing, Eltek maintains ISO9002 and BS9000 Accreditation. Other internationally recognised qualifications are in process.

eComp works closely with Eltek Semiconductor to procure and process semiconductor components in wafer, die and packaged form.

Die Supply
High quality semiconductor die for hybrid and chip on board applications.

Eltek is Europe's longest established, franchised die processor. We supply high quality semiconductor die for use in hybrid and chip on board applications. Our traceable, controlled and certified stock of die exceeds nine million units with product from most major semiconductor manufacturers.

Quality levels:
- Commercial
- Military
- Space

Shipping formats:
- Waffle tray / Gel-Pak®
- Tape and Reel / Surftape®
- Sawn wafers

Visual inspection to:
- MIL-STD-883 Method 2010 Cond A or B
- MIL-STD-750 Method 2072 or 2073

Optional lot qualification to:
- MIL-STD 883
- MIL-PRF-38534
- Customer specification

Assembled Products
Cost effective packaging service, for industry-standard and custom configurations.

Eltek provides a complete, medium and low volume hermetic assembly, test and screening capability. We support a wide variety of ceramic packaging and TO cans intended for demanding environments with products ranging from diodes and transistors to microprocessors and memory.

Ceramic packaging styles
- Dual In-Line (DIL)
- Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC)
- J-Leaded Chip Carrier (JLCC)
- Flatpack and Cerquad (CQFP)
- Pin Grid Array (PGA)
- Custom Package configurations

Metal Can
- TO-39
- TO-5
- TO-18
- TO-99

Plastic and other packaging styles
- Available through approved sub-contractors

Test capability
- Discrete components, op-amps, regulators, precision analogue
- ADCs, mixed signal, ASIC, logic and all memory types
- Full range of AC/DC parametric and functional tests
- -65/200 deg.C temperature station

Test and screening
- MIL-STD 883, military and space flows
- Source Control Drawing
- Customer specification
- Manufacturers datasheet

Wafer Contract Processing
Automated wafer probe, saw and die sort. Bare die tape and reel service.

Eltek has a comprehensive range of sub-contract processing services which are capable of handling very high volume and fast turnaround requirements. Our specialist knowledge and equipment provides a cost effective service for all die users.

Wafer Probing
- Ambient to 200 deg.C
- Automatic Electroglas probers
- Actel approved FPGA wafer   programming
- Mixed signal, digital, memory,

Wafer Sawing
- Up to 8 inch / 200mm
- Automatic handling
- Single or part wafer flexibility

Die offload to waffle / chip tray
- Anti-static and conductive
- Die orientation
- Automatic and manual handling
- Gel-Pak®

Bare die tape and reel
- 8mm to 24mm widths
- Die sizes 0.25mm to 10mm
- 7 inch to 13 inch reels
- EIA/IS747
- Surftape® from Tempo Electronics

Visual inspection to:
- MIL-STD-883 Method 2010 Cond A or B
- MIL-STD-750 Method 2072 or 2073

Optional lot qualification to:
- MIL-STD 883
- MIL-PRF-38534
- Customer specification

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