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Saft Batteries

Designs and manufactures high technology battery systems for industrial applications.

Saft Batteries products include:
Small Ni-Cd Batteries
VR series (Standard range), VRE series (Standard range) - Cycling applications lighting, medical, professional electronics, power tools, home appliances...

VT series (High temperature range) - Permanent charge applications stand by, back-up, emergency lighting...

VE series, VSE series (High energy range) Energy and high power applications medical, professional electronics, telecommunications...

Large Ni-Cd Batteries
SBL, SBM, SBH series

Ultra low maintenance range:
Ultima SLM series, SPH series, SPL series -
Stationary applications electricity and general industries, water, oil & gas industry, buildings, hospitals, airports, boats, road & rail infrastructure (Solar & wind power range)

MRX series, SRX series, SRM series - Rail & Mass Transit on-board applications

SCH S series - Rail applications

NCX series, - Telecom networks

VO, VP, VHP, CVH, VXP, CVD, CVK (main batteries) - Aircraft & Helicopters

STM series, STH series - Automotive all-electric vehicle, electric scooter, AGV, electric & hybrid bus

VOS series - Satellites

AN series - Satellites

VH series - Energy and high power applications (professional electronics, mobility, medical, power tools.)
HE series (High energy range) - Electric vehicle, electric scooter

Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)

LS/LST, LSX series , LSH series - Radio-communications, emergency and security systems, tollgates, meters, tracking and localization, military applications

Lithium-sulfur dioxide (Li-SO2)
LO/G series - Radio-communication, emergency and security systems, meters, unmanned vehicles, military applications

Lithium-manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2)
LM series - Radio-communications, memory back-up, military applications

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Intensium (new product) - Cellular telecommunication networks
MP series - MP 176065 (new product) - Radio-communication, handheld terminals, medical equipment, power tools, unmanned vehicles, military applications, space launchers, missiles
VL series - Radio-communication, handheld terminals, medical equipment, unmanned vehicles, military applications
VLE series (High energy range) - Electric vehicle, electric bus & electric scooter
VLP series (High power range) - Hybrid vehicle, Hybrid bus, 42 V system
VL module (High energy range) - Telecommunications, Stationary, Defence, Electric vehicles
VLM series (Medium range) - All-electric vehicle, Electric scooter, hybrid vehicle, Hybrid bus, 42 V system

Magnesium-silver chloride (Ag-ClMg)

V616, MK 61 - Light Weight Torpedoes (LWT)

Silver-zinc (Ag-Zn)
PB 47 - Combat Torpedoes
40 & 120 RA3 - Exercise Torpedoes

Air-depolarized systems (AD batteries)
Alkaline batteries, Saline batteries - Electrical fences, signaling, beacons, parking meters, buoys, ticket machines, industrial clocks, emergency & Security systems, remote terminals & traveller information terminals

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