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Electronic Component Engineering Services

Parts Management - Military and Commercial Systems
DMS Planning - BOM Analysis/Risk Assessment
Obsolescence Solutions
Procurement Technical Support
Root Cause Failure Analysis
Active/Passive Device Procurement
Device Upscreening
-Electrical test
-Environmental test
Critical Die Procurement Services
Tin/Lead Issues

Electronic Component Engineering Services

Extending the Life of Your Legacy Systems!

Testing of Electronic Components (Group A Testing)

eComp integrates the purchase of your components, electrical testing & solderability with one P.O.!
1. Original manufacturer’s name
2. Purchase order number
3. Part number and revision
4. Test/inspection results, conditions, & parameters
5. Quantity of parts tested
6. Serial numbers (where applicable)
7. Date of test/inspection
8. QA signature and date

The testing shall consist of Group A, subgroup 1,7, and 9 for microcircuits and Group A, subgroup 2 and 4 for discrete semiconductors and a solderability test. No substitutions of part numbers are allowed. The material will be marked in accordance with the applicable procurement document whether it be a Jan or 38510-slash sheet, DESC drawing or Customer controlled drawing.

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Electronic Components, Inc.
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