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Deutsch Engineered Connecting Devices

Manufactures environmentally sealed, heavy-duty electrical interconnection devices for critical circuits for truck, bus, construction, railway, agricultural, off-highway and specific O.E.M. applications.

Deutsch products include:
Common Contact System
Solid Contacts
Stamped & Formed Contacts
PCB Pins
Custom integrated interconnections in devices, assemblies and subsystems

DRB Series Bulkhead Connector
- 60-pin DRB Bulkhead Connector
- 102-pin DRB Bulkhead Connector
- DRC10
- DRC13
- DRC23
DRC Plugs & Receptacles
DT Series Transportation Connectors
Custom Designed Electronic Packages. Among these devices are:
- Low Profile Flangeless PCB Connectors:  the DTF/DTMF Series, in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-way flangeless receptacles with straight or 90° pins.
- PCB Enclosures and Flange Connectors:  the EEC enclosures and DTM Series with 8-, 12-, or 24-pin receptacles.
- Electronic Packages: DT Series 2- and 4-way receptacles.
- Integrated Housing Connectors: the DTM Series 12-way receptacles and DT Series 2-way Snap-in Receptacles.
DTM Series Connectors - Available in six arrangements (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 pin) for size 20  terminals for AWG size 16 to 24  wire.  Thermoplastic housings, silicone rear wire and internal peripheral interface seals.  Crimp type gold or nickel finish terminals, solid or stamped and formed construction.
DTMN Series
- DTMN 3-pin plug & Receptacle

- DTMN 2-Pin Non-Environmental Connector
DTP Inline Multipin Power Connector
DT 13/15 Series
DTM13 Flange Connectors
DTF 13/15 and DTMF 13/15
Connectors for Electronic Modules
- DRC10
- DRC13
- DRC23
- DT13/15
- DTM13/15
- HD10 PCB Connectors
HD 10 Series
HD30 Type Connectors
HDP 20 Series
Interconnections for Controller Area Networks
SAE J1939 approved product lines
Extensive line of J1939 interconnection devices: 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire, inline and flange mount, splitters, heavy-duty breakaway connectors, off-board diagnostic connectors for J1939/11, /12, /13, and /15 applications.

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