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Johnson Components connectors

Johnson Components designs, manufactures and distributes a broad line of RF coaxial connectors, including MCX (50 and 75 Ohm), MMCX, SMA, SMB (50 and 75 Ohm), and type 'N' interfaces, along with a broad line of between-series and in-series adapters.

RF Connectors:
MCX Connectors -
75 Ohm MCX Connectors
MCX 50 Ohm Adapters
MCX 50 Ohm Assembly Instructions
MCX 50 Ohm Cabled Connectors
MCX 50 Ohm Non-Magnetic Connectors
MCX 50 Ohm PC Mount Connectors
MCX 50 Ohm Reverse Polarity Connectors
MMCX Connectors -
MMCX Cable Assembly Instructions
MMCX Connectors

N Connectors -
Shielded Test Jacks
Type N Connectors
SMA Connectors -
SMA Adapters
SMA Bulkhead Mount Connectors
SMA Cable Assembly Instructions
SMA End Launch Connectors
SMA Field Replaceable Connectors
SMA Flexible Cabled Connectors
SMA Non-Magnetic Connectors
SMA PC Mount Connectors
SMA Panel Mount Connectors
SMA Reverse Polarity Connectors
SMA Reverse Thread Connectors
SMA Semi-Rigid Cabled Connectors
SMA Spark Plugs
SMB Connectors -
Mini 75 Ohm SMB Cabled Connectors
Mini 75 Ohm SMB Loads
Mini 75 Ohm SMB PC Mount connectors
Mini 75 Ohm SMB SMB Adapters
SMB Adapters
SMB Cabled Connectors
SMB Non-Magnetic Connectors
SMB PC Mount Connectors
SMC Connectors -
SMC Adapters
SMC Cabled Connectors
SMC PC Mount Connectors

SMK Connectors
Termination -

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