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Tri-Star connectors

Manufactures electronic contacts, custom connectors and cable assemblies for specific design applications.

Tri-Star's products include:
Power, thermocouple, signal, wire-wrap, crimp, solder cup, coax, twinax, triax and custom design.

Tri-Star's connector capabilities come from almost two decades of expertise as Cory Components. Cory was merged into Tri-Star in 2001, bringing new product synergies and efficiencies to the Tri-Star name.
CQ Connectors
CBC/Galley Connectors
CB/CBX/All PLastic Connectors Except CQ
ARINC 400/600 Connectors
CLP/CLPP/Circular Connectors
D-Subminiature Connectors
Terminal Blocks and Ground Blocks

Cable Products:
Cable assemblies also came under the Tri-Star banner with the merger of Cory Components. Their assembly and service capabilities range from custom cable assemblies to complex racking systems.

Wire Processing Equipment:
Specialized wire processing equipment

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