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Leach International

Leach designs their products for applications as diverse as civil and military aviation, satellites and railway systems and includes a full selection of hermetically sealed relays. Leach contactors are available with single or multi-pole contacts in latching or non-latching configurations. A variety of complementary devices provide time delay and power measurement functions. The majority of these products are available in different mounting styles and terminals. Comprehensive lines of push-button indicators, solid state power controllers and limit switches also play important roles in the company's product mix.

Leach products include:
AC/DC primary power distribution assemblies, Secondary power distribution assemblies, Lighted panels & keyboards, Relays & junction boxes, Advisory panels, Contactors, Solid state relays, Power contactors, Voltage regulator devices, Miniature relays & sockets, Time delay relays & sockets, Power monitors & sensors, Solid state power controllers, Electronic relays, Aircraft switches.

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