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The world's largest chip maker and a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products.

Intel's products include:
Desktop: Processors, Chipsets, Desktop Boards, Adapters

Network Connectivity: Desktop Adapters, Server Adapters, Mobile Adapters, Wireless Networking, iSCSI Network Storage, Handheld Adapters

Handheld and Handset: Intel® PCA Processors, Intel® PCA Cellular Processors, Companion Chips, Wireless Baseband Chipsets, Adapters, Flash Memory

Ethernet: Intel® Carrier Class Ethernet, Controllers, PHYs/Transceivers, Repeaters, Switching Components

Optical: Transceivers, Framer/Mapper/MAC, Physical Layer Components, Notebook: Processors, Chipsets, Adapters, Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology

Storage and I/O: I/O Processors, PCI Bridges, Storage Building Blocks, Intel® RAID Controllers, Serial ATA Controllers, Server Processors, Intel® Architecture Processors

Network and Communications Processors: Intel® Architecture Processors, Network Processors, Control Plane Processor, I/O Processors

Telecom: Management Boards, Media Processing Boards, Signaling Boards, Single Board Computers, Switching Boards, Carrier Grade Servers, Compute Platforms, Custom Integrated Components, Gateways and Servers, Telecom Software, T1 / E1 / J1 Components

Server and Workstation: Processors, Chipsets, Server Boards, Adapters, Server Platforms, Server Chassis, Enterprise Blade Servers, Carrier Grade Servers, Intel® RAID Controllers, Intel® Server Management

Embedded and Flash Memory: Flash Memory, Processors, Chipsets, Microcontrollers, PCI Bridges, Interconnect Devices

Software Application Development: Compilers, VTune™ Performance Analyzers, Performance Libraries, Threading Tools, Cluster Tools

Wired Access: Cable, Digital Modulation and Coding, DSL, Modem Chipsets

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