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Zilog's products include:

eZ80Acclaim!™ - Award-winning, 8-bit flash MCU family with enhanced 50 MHz Z80 CPU
Z8 Encore! XP® - Expand your development potential with Z8 Encore! XP® family of high performance 8-bit microcontrollers with eXtended Peripherals.
Z8 Encore!® - New 8-bit flash MCU family, extensive peripherals, with enhanced 20MHz Z8 CPU
Z8 GP™ - Z8 GP™ ZGP/ZGR323 OTP & ROM General Purpose Microcontrollers
Z8 Low Voltage - Low voltage versions of Z8 8-bit MCU family, able to operate as low as 2V
Z8 OTP - One time programmable (OTP) versions of Z8 8-bit MCU family
Z8 ROM - Broad family of ROM-based 8-bit MCUs, featuring register-based Z8 CPU operation
Z8 ROMless - ROMLess versions of Z8 8-bit MCU family
eZ80® - New 8-bit MPU, with enhanced 50MHz Z80 core and 16MB memory addressing
Z180 - Higher performance version of Z80 MPU, with 1MB memory addressing
Z80 - Widely-used 8-bit MPU, with dual-register banks for fast context switching and interrupt handling
IR Solutions
Crimzon™ - The Crimzon™ ZLP32300 OTP MCU is the newest member of ZiLOG's family of microcontrollers intended for use in applications requiring infrared transmission capability.
IR OTP - One time programmable (OTP) versions of IR ROM 8-bit MCU family
IR ROM - Z8 8-bit microcontrollers optimized for use in infra-red (IR) remote control applications
IrDA - Data transceivers with full Infra-Red Data Association (IrDA) specification compliance
Data Communications - Z80382 16-bit microprocessor for higher end data communications applications
Modems - Single-chip V.22bis modems with integrated controller, data pump, and Analog Front End
PCMCIA - General-purpose PCMCIA adapter chips
SCC - Discrete Serial Communication Controllers (SCC) with low power and superior noise immunity
Wireless - Z8 8-bit microcontrollers optimized for battery-operated wireless applications
Digital Signal Processors
DSP - Award-winning Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) at a cost comparable to a microcontroller
TV Solutions
Line 21 Decoders - Family of Line 21 Vertical Blanking Interval controllers, including V-chips
TV Controllers - Low cost, character-based 8-bit On Screen Display (OSD) controllers for TVs

Zilog Z80
Zilog Z800
Zilog Z8000
Zilog Z80000
Zilog Z8
Zilog Z180
Zilog Z280
Zilog Z380
Zilog eZ80

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