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Canvys Display Technology

Rack Mount Panel Mount Chassis Mount Display & Integrated Computer Canvys visual technology solutions

Canvys display products can be integrated with a wide range of innovative technologies to provide our customers with maximum flexibility and the highest quality.

High-Bright / Sunlight Readable
LCDs can be equipped to be seen under extreme lighting conditions, either outdoors or indoors. High-Bright/Sunlight Readable displays are ideally suited for retail kiosks, public information displays, digital signage, transportation, industrial, and medical applications.

Privacy Screens
Privacy screens prevent on-lookers from viewing sensitive information. When viewed from an angle, the on-screen image becomes blurred. Canvys displays with privacy screens are commonly used in government agencies, financial trading and medical administration.

Protective Panels
Acrylic shields with a rubber gasket can be installed beneath the bezel to prevent damage to display screens. Canvys also offers displays with Protective Panels, so the display screen surface can be wiped down with cleaning fluids - a big advantage in medical applications. Protective Panels can be used in a variety of applications, including: kiosks, medical, financial, public information and general IT use.

Canvys monitors with ruggedized chassis are able to operate reliably in harsh environments where strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, moisture or dust could damage the monitor. Canvys display monitors with ruggedized chassis are used in a number of industrial processing applications, including regulating, protecting, diagnostic and remote monitoring.

Touch Screens
Many Canvys displays offer built-in touchscreens as user interfaces. All four different types of touchscreen technologies are available:
• Capacitive touchscreen displays utilize an all-glass sensor with a transparent, thin-film conductive coating fused to its surface. Capacitive touchscreens offer unmatched durability, reliability, and optical clarity for industrial equipment and public-access applications, such as gaming machines
• ATM installations
• information kiosks
• point-of-sale
• Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) works on the premise of measuring the mechanical energy (vibrations) within a glass substrate that is created when someone touches the surface of the glass. Sensors, generally placed on the backside of the glass convert the vibrational energy into electrical signals. Click here for the DST spec sheet PDF.
Click here for the DST Overview PDF.

Resistive technology consists of a conductively-coated polyester top-sheet and conductively-coated bottom glass layer. The opposing conductive coatings are separated by minute "spacer dots." When the pressure of the "touch" creates contact between the conductive topsheet and the conductive glass, the touchscreen's controller pinpoints the position of the "touch."

Contact ChipSeekerSound Acoustical Wave (SAWs) touchscreens utilize sound waves that are cast across the screen's surface. When the sound waves are broken by a finger touch, the x and y coordinates are calculated and sent to the controller.

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