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Electronic semiconductor components manufactured by: Actel Semiconductor, Allegro Sprague, Allegro Microsystems, Altera Semiconductors - programable logic devices (PLDs), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Analog Devices, Atmel semiconductor, Burr-Brown (Texas Instruments), Cypress Semiconductors, Dallas Semiconductor, Dense-Pac (DPAC Technologies), Elantec Semiconductors, Eltek Semiconductors, Exar Semiconductors, Fairchild Semiconductors International, Fujitsu semiconductor, GE Intersil Semiconductor, General Instrument, Vishay Semiconductor, Harris, RCA Semiconductors, Hitachi Semiconductors, Hyundai Hynix Semiconductor, IBM Microelectronics, Infineon Technologies, Intel, International Rectifier, Intersil Semiconductors, Lattice Semiconductors, Linear Technology, Lsi Logic, Maxim Integrated Products, Microchip Technology Inc., Micron Technology, Inc., Mitel, Mitsubishi Electric, Mosel Vitelic, Mostek, Motorola, National Semiconductor, NEC Corporation, Oki Semiconductor, Panasonic Semiconductor, Phillips Semiconductor, Plessey Semiconductor, RCA Semiconductor, Rockwell Automation, Samsung Semiconductor, SeeQ Technology, SGS Thompson Semiconductors, Sharp, Siemens, Signetics, Sony Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments Semiconductors, Toshiba Semiconductors, Unitrode Semiconductors, Xicor Semiconductors, Xilinx Semiconductors, Zilog Semiconductors and many more.

Electronic connector components manufactured by: Aero Electric Connectors, Amp NetConnect, Amphenol Connectors, Bendix Connectors, Burndy Connectors, Cinch Connectors, Deutsch Engineered Connecting Devices, Edac Connectors, G&H Technology Connectors, Glenair Connectors, Hypertronics Connectors, ITT Cannon, J-Tech, Johnson Components, Kings Electronics, Midwest Microwave, Narda Microwave, Positronic Industries, Radiall, Sealectro, Souriau, Sunbank, Tri-Star, Viking, Winchester Electronics and many more.

Passive, active electronic components, batteries, communications components and antennas manufactured by: Chelton Antennas, Saft Batteries, Teledyne Technologies, Murata Electronics, Tyco Electronics, Honeywell, Rohde & Schwartz and many more.

Electronic relays manufactured by: American Zettler, Deutsch Relays Inc., Leach International, Struthers-Dunn and many more.

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